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Our Great Grandmother had once told Mom that they had left Poland because the Russians were very cruel to the Polish people. Her grandfather had worked in the mines until a mine cave-in broke his back; he than began a career as a Butcher. Our Grandfather owned and operated a small hardware store. Mother, her brother Ted and sister Irene were raised by her Father, Grandmother and Grandfather, five Aunts and an Uncle. The house sat on the bank of a small river across from a large rail yard with multiple tracks and continuous activity where rail operators switched, stored and loaded rail cars with coal. Mother graduated from her high school with honors as a valedictorian. She wanted to become a lawyer but her father would not allow it, so she chose a career in nursing. Having graduated valedictorian she was able to be excepted at the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing in Baltimore, Maryland. After graduating Mom enlisted into the U.S. Army to support the war effort during World War II. She served as a Second Lieutenant with the Army Nurse Corps from 1944 through 1946. After the war she moved to New Orleans to live with her brother Ted and his wife Penny. She told us she didn’t care much for New Orleans, that it was a dirty city and that one night while sleeping, a giant river rat ran across her. The next day she was looking for a new place to move. She saw an add for Nurses wanted in the Panama Canal Zone and off she went, fearless and full of adventure, she signed on for three years. From 1947 through 1950 she had lived in Panama. In 1950 she returned home to Pennsylvania in her newly acquired Pontiac convertible. After a year in Simpson, she was off again seeking adventure. In 1951, she traveled from Pennsylvania to California in her Pontiac convertible with her best friend Sarah. There destination was San Francisco. After a short time Sarah returned to Pennsylvania leaving my mother by herself. Mom had friends in Long Beach so off she went again to Southern California. Soon there after, she was hired on at the Long Beach Veterans Hospital. Here she meet her future husband, our father, who was one of her patients being treated for tuberculosis he had contracted during the war in Japan. She was married to our father in 1951 and stopped working to stay at home and raise her family. Life was hard with only one income and our father always struggling to make ends meet. There marriage ended in 1966. After the divorce, life became very hard for our mother with two rebellious and wild teenage sons. She returned to nursing after being away for many years It was very difficult for her working graveyards and many double shifts. We remembered her sadness and depression which made us very sad. My mom once told me, do everything you want to do before you get married, get it all out of your system. I always remembered her advice and took it to heart. I left home when I was 19 years old and never looked back. When I look back now it makes me very sad because my Mother spent many Birthdays, Mothers Days and Holidays alone. I hope mom, that you understood where I got my adventurous heart from. When I was away, I was never lonely or afraid of anything because I always knew mom would be there for me if ever I needed anything. My mother would often ask me if I wondered what would happen to us after we died. Mom now you know the answer to your question. Mom you have finally returned Home to your mother and father, Ted and Irene and all your aunts and uncle. They are all happy to finally have you home. I know your finally at peace. We were truly blessed to have had such a wonderful mother. As a young woman she was smart as a whip, fearless and full of adventure. Our mother was giving and full of laughter; never complaining no matter what the circumstances were. She gave to my brother and I unconditional love that will be in our hearts for the rest of our lives. Yes, I was truly blessed that she lived such a long life and that she was with me for the last 9 years of her life. She was no trouble at all. I was proud to have been her son.

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