test Book of Memories for John Anderson III Recent updates for the Book of Memories http://riverafuneralhomes.frontrunnerpro.com/runtime/101677/runtime.php?SiteId=101677&NavigatorId=664422&ItemId=758217&op=tributeMemorialCandles&viewOpt=dpaneOnly Frontrunner Professional Book of Memories V4 en-gb Memorial Candle lit by http://riverafuneralhomes.frontrunnerpro.com/runtime/101677/runtime.php?SiteId=101677&NavigatorId=664422&ItemId=758217&op=tributeCondolenceView&viewOpt=dpaneOnly&gid=candle0 Memorial Candles Tue, 31 May 2011 18:14:20 EDT Memorial Candle lit by http://riverafuneralhomes.frontrunnerpro.com/runtime/101677/runtime.php?SiteId=101677&NavigatorId=664422&ItemId=758217&op=tributeCondolenceView&viewOpt=dpaneOnly&gid=candle1 Memorial Candles Tue, 31 May 2011 18:07:51 EDT Memorial Candle lit by http://riverafuneralhomes.frontrunnerpro.com/runtime/101677/runtime.php?SiteId=101677&NavigatorId=664422&ItemId=758217&op=tributeCondolenceView&viewOpt=dpaneOnly&gid=candle2 Memorial Candles Tue, 31 May 2011 12:12:26 EDT Story shared: "PRIMO" http://riverafuneralhomes.frontrunnerpro.com/runtime/101677/runtime.php?SiteId=101677&NavigatorId=664422&ItemId=758217&op=tributeFamilyStories&viewOpt=dpaneOnly&gid=story27221 I could always count on the big guy for a smile. I dont remember the exact day, but I remember it was not the best of days for me.I was walking into the store and from behind me I hear someone yell "PRIMO"!! Before I could turn around I was embraced with a big ol bear hug from John. I could always count on John to bring a smile to my face whenever I seen him. All I know is, that day, I needed that hug more than anything else in that moment, and I am grateful for the true love my brother always brought to the table. I will never forget his smile, one of a kind. God bless you btrother!

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